4WD happenings

Another Simpson Desert trip is in the offing. I’ve written about it on my other site intrepid4wd.wordpress.com. Since buying my LandCruiser last year (after the Pajero died), I’ve done the following:

  • auxiliary battery
  • new bullbar
  • drawers installed
  • new driving lights
  • suspension to come
  • snorkel to come
  • new tyres – Maxxis AT-980

It’s a great car and I’m looking forward to the trip immensely. Out in the desert is one of the places you can really be away from life – able to take a long hard look at what is at home/work and what can be improved or removed. I’ve made a few changes to life since the last trip and a few changes after the trip before. On this blog I’ll make note of these things as they come up now, as a memory aid for me, and maybe to help someone else. Keep an eye on both sites – updates to come!


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