This is the standard first post welcome to readers of this blog. I’ve moved my thoughts over to here from Google’s Blogger – the interface is clunky and I don’t like using it much anymore. Here at WordPress I’ve found a home and I much prefer the interface, the set up and the culture.

I’ll note my thoughts and stuff here as we go along, plus cross post from my other sites. Currently I manage www.northshockey.org, www.awpd.org, intrepid4wd.wordpress.com, www.zenpiper.com and my company one www.intelephony.com.au

The featured image is one of the pictures I’ve taken of the fire we had on the hill at home last year. It was an accidental blaze that burned about 30 acres of dead blackberries and grasses. Bit of a nightmare really.

Stay tuned as I add bits and pieces to this blog over time.


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