Getting into it for Men’s Health

I love November – not just because it’s the gateway to summer and most of the nasty smelly trees have subsided in their flowering but because it’s the only month I’m allowed to grow a dirty moustache – and all for a good cause. Men’s Health is dear to my heart – I am a bloke after all, but now I have a son it’s become a bit more of a priority. I want my boy to grow up with support and better health options than I’ve enjoyed.

I won’t regurgitate stats about men and their behaviours around health , instead I want to highlight that I care about it. Men aren’t great at being vulnerable and asking for help and we’re dying early and for reasons that are preventable. I don’t want the little bloke growing up with that hanging over his head – a better future for him is my preference. So I’m growing the mo and have become part of Movember. Here I am:

It’s only a little Mo so far but it’s getting there.

Here is the link to my Movember campaign, but the focus is not so much on donations but on thinking and talking about Men’s Health. Here’s the link:

So if you have a Dad, or a brother, a son or a nephew, then maybe talk to them a little bit about their health, how they’re feeling and ask if they’re OK. Men are unlikely to volunteer this sort of stuff so let’s help us. And in the meantime I’m trying to teach my boy it’s ok to ask for help.


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