The end of the golden age of internet news

I remember back in the old days of the internet when most organisations purporting to be news related still adhered to journalistic integrity and you could freely read the news with a reasonable expectation that it was fairly accurate and had minimal errors. Some critical reading was still required but it was a sweet place with free information available. Ah, those were the days….

Now though, the “fake” news and alternate facts have tarnished and filled out online. Now our news feeds are filled with drivel, outright lies and read by a population who’s ability to think critically and question is abysmally low. Truth and facts aren’t usually things that are taken for granted, but that’s what we have done and without our vigilance, these two concepts are like endangered species. It is a truely sad reflection on the state of affairs.

To my humble way of thinking, the editors and writers that put out knowingly fake, obfuscated or out right lies in print are the lowest of the low. Journalists publishing sensational, unsubstantiated stories harming reputations for the spike in the clicks are equally culpable but the greatest of all my ire is directed at the public. With the insatiable desire for gossip stories, sensational, saucy or steamy tales of lurid misbehaviour and a complete denial of our duty to keep these people honest and on point is our own fault.

While this post is a bit of a rant, it’s also mourning the loss of solid journalism protected by people because of its inherent value to us all. Maybe we can get it back, but not without showing we do not want to put up with the lies and poorly researched shit being shoveled down our throats now.

Stay vigilant and question everything you read (including this!)


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