Ongoing issues with Gutenberg

It’s hard enough finding content worthy of writing for this blog, but I’m having ongoing struggles with the new editor that WordPress is trying to foist on me. Not that I don’t like something new, but seriously – if I have to use, please make it work! Whenever I try to use the new editor “Gutenberg” it fails to save the draft and loses all of my work. This is very frustrating as the first time it happened I thought it was a transitory glitch and kept writing – knocking out a couple of hundred words before I realised it was all going to poo. And boom – gone. All of it.

I’ve tried it with Chrome, Firefox and now Safari to no avail. WordPress support, while responsive and making every effort to be helpful, have been unable to solve this annoying issue.

So as a public service announcement – save often and save early if you’re going to try and use Gutenberg. Maybe even write outside of the WordPress interface and copy/paste in, but don’t trust it….

I look forward to this issue being resolved but in the meantime, I’m sticking with the classics….



  1. I agree, I like the classics better than the revamp Gutenberg. To be honest, Gutenberg is so confusing and as you said the failure of saving glitch happens from time to time. Hopefully wordpress can rectify this problem.


    1. I think it could be great, with the nicely organised blocks of text, or graphics. But having a key element like saving your work is a real problem. Classic does the job pretty well for me! We’ll keep an eye on it.

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