Snow in November

Photo in the feature image comes from the Falls Creek website here:

It’s been unseasonably cold here the last few days. Yesterday the 22nd of November saw snow falls up on the mountains in Australia! Snow in November! Crazy. It’s been pretty awful outside and we’ve had quite a lot of rain to boot. To think that a month ago I was gravely concerned we would run out of rain water at home – the tanks were only about 45% full and the prospect of a long and dry summer was looming. Now they’re overflowing and I’m sad because I don’t have more storage. As a side note – water storage and water movement around a farm can be very complex because of water’s liquid state and weight (1L = 1KG).

One of my mates works up at Cabramurra and he took this yesterday:

Looks more like winter than nearly summer. Another chap I know reported 10cm of snow at Falls Creek where he’s working – it halted all outdoor work for the day for him. This was the results from home yesterday:

And here it is from 12 months ago:

Bit of a difference eh? The low last year was 2 degrees higher than the high this year! I’ve got a wedding tomorrow and a BBQ on Sunday, so I’m hoping for some temperatures and weather conditions somewhere in the middle of these extremes!


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