The simple joy of accomplishment

Cover photo is a small lizard seen at the water tanks. See his red flanks? Never seen one like that before…

I had a good day today. There have been three things hanging over my head for ages and I knocked them over. None of them were easy, all were dirty or unpleasant and now they’re either done or well on the way.

At the base of our water tanks are outlets and unfortunately the cows sometimes step on them or damage them. Now I’d started a barbed wire fence up there but it was a job bigger than my capabilities so it was very shoddy indeed. I’ve been meaning to replace it since I finished it and today, with my mate’s help we pulled the crappy fence down and put up a much sturdier enclosure. I am much happier about this even though it was hard work – carrying a 12 foot gate up the hill, then another smaller gate and pulling out the 10 or so star pickets.

The second job was the perennial cleaning of the shed. There are nasty chemicals, smelly horrible things to be removed and an endless array of stuff with little to no value taking pride of place. A reorganisation and removal of some key horribleness and now the shed is much tidier. There’s still a lot to do but it’s a great start.

And finally the resurrection of my father in law’s car. It’s been parked under a tree next door out of sight (and mind) for about 5 months and prior to that spent 18 months stuck in the paddock. It’s a long story that one. Despite all this I have organised a new battery and various other bits and bobs for it and had to go get it. Again with my marvellous neighbour (and friend!)’s help I went up and got the thing started. Drove it home, hit it with a pressure wash to get rid of the remaining mud, spiders and tree litter, then pumped up the tyres and got down to business. It drives really well for a car that’s been seriously neglected by me and abused by my father in law.

I have a great sense of satisfaction as a result of these activists – although two of them are going to cause me more work short term. The gains have been worth it though. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday!


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