Follow up: 2018 Ass and Access Bill

(Bill name altered on purpose!). There has been a great online letter released addressed to Bill Shorten and the Labour party. It is here: I have signed it and tweeted about it and I’m putting it out here as well.

I am still raging about this stupid bill and the idiot decision to support it. My disappointment in the Australian Government, our system of Government and the barely competent clowns running it is complete. I have never seen a group of people supposed to represent us be further away from the electorate’s wishes in my life. It’s a complete debacle, and this dumb arse bill is the cherry on top of a ridiculous year in Australian politics.

If you lot worked for me I’d sack you all for failure to meet KPIs, poor communication and behavioural issues. It’s not good enough. If you feel strongly about this too, then sign the online letter and get into with your federal member. They all need a boot square in the bottom so they remember that THEY WORK FOR US!


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