Summer Rains

It’s been pissing down here since 4:50am and we’ve had in excess of 50mm of rain already with more ready to come. It’s awesome! I love the rain and in this incredibly dry country we really appreciate it all the more. As you can imagine, everything is overflowing (it doesn’t take much). Here are some pics from an earlier downpour:

I’m pretty sure all the top soil is washing down onto the road at our neighbour’s place
Some new creeks coming down off the hill
On the other side the gullys are getting a good washout…

All this rain is great! Our tanks are full and the place is getting a decent clean. We had a long period of dryness that was pretty concerning, though nowhere near as bad as what NSW have had to go through. There is flooding already around the region – it’s amazing how little rain it takes for everything to overflow. In a country as dry as Australia I guess it’s to be expected. Hopefully this tops the catchment up well and truly. This is what the rain flow looked like since this morning:

It started at 4:54am and this screenshot was taken at 12:27PM

And more is to come apparently. Time to fuel up the boat!


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