It’s culling time!

End of the year. Oh yeah time to delete 12 months worth of bollocks emails! I love sending out the company wide email to suggest people tidy up and this year has been a bumper year for it. Our top 10 email users have collectively deleted over 200,000 emails! Just the top 10! All that stuff off my servers. Oh happy days!

It inspires me to have a big throw out at this time of year. Deleting years worth of emails all in one go – ah it’s a beautiful thing. Throwing out old clothes (or donating – even better) and cleansing the house of useless shit. I have so many old computers and other junk to go it’s going to be great!

Starting the year in a minimalist (or on the way to) position is refreshing and I always feel I’ve lost weight – even if the reality is I’ve put on over the Christmas eat-a-thon period. Better to get to the tidy up now before it’s too late. I’ve written before about the weight of things and this is my end of year attack on that. It’s not just physical objects that carry weight – email / messages etc all have a metaphysical weight to them that we carry. Time to lighten the load!

Merry Christmas!


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