The heat is on!

Woo it’s 40C here at the moment and I’m sitting outside getting it done. Had to take a load to the tip, get 500L of water from the stand pipe and fix a dodgy bit of fence. It’s hot, damn hot and sooking about it makes it worse. I’ve had over 2L of water, got sunscreen on and an Akubra and it’s alright.

Days like this are the norm for an Australian summer and I reckon we make it harder on ourselves with air conditioning. Going in and out from the cool to the heat only makes the heat seem worse. Staying in the heat and managing it makes it far more tolerable. I’m in the shade as I write this, with a big ole water bottle beside me and a bit of a breeze. It’s quite comfortable because I’m choosing to be comfortable. I could be hot and sweaty and longing for inside the house wheee the air con is pumping but then I’m just making life harder. All too often we want something else other than what we’ve got and the Gap makes us sad. Both Stoicism and Buddhism talk about this and today is a practical example of accepting circumstances. I still have a bit to do out here in the heat but as long as I’ve got water (and not cold water – it’s too hard to drink in bulk) and some shade I can get the work done. Some of it needs to be attacked later tonight – I’m Stoic but I’m not stupid, so I’ll wait and then get onto it.

How often do we lament our circumstances without appreciating the lesson that life is teaching us? Too often I think and I know that I’m trying to be more mindful of what I can take away from every situation. I hope you’re enjoying the weekend – no matter the heat of the day!

Today’s forecast!

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