Hot? Damn Hot!

I wrote my post about the heat there the other day after working out in it and thinking it was very warm. I have now adjusted my thinking on this. We have had consecutive days exceeding 40C and a top (at home) of 45.4C. This is quite warm by anyone’s standards. In fact, this level of heat is unusual here and indicative of a big wad of hot air that has floated down from the Pilbara region and stopped here. It’s been filthy. If you’re out and about in the northern hemisphere getting snowed on, then this is what 45C degree day is like:

If you walk outside without a hat, you can feel your hair warm up and once that thin layer is bypassed the top of your scalp gets uncomfortably warm very quickly. Clothes warm up too and the fabric starts to get hot to the touch – even a white business shirt. The pavement reflects the shimmering wave back up at you – so even with a hat your face becomes dry and hot. Getting in the car is like getting into a sauna fully dressed, with no rocks and no moisture in the air. In my Landcruiser, the little temp gauge showed this – the truck is in the shade and the windows are down:

Kudos to the Engel fridge on a setting of 2 – keeping the beer cold!

Pretty awful right? The ambient temp in my other car – sitting out in the sun – was 75C. When I opened the door a gust of hot air shot out, hitting me in the face and I had to turn away from it until the “cold” air got in (the cold air was still 44C!). And do NOT touch the steering wheel – it’s like a black burning brand that sears its way into your flesh! The seatbelts aren’t much better and end up with a crosswise red line from shoulder to hip. Sounds good? I love a sunburnt country… but this is a bit silly! Here is an article from the Sydney Morning Herald on the 16th of Jan – 2 days ago where the 15 hottest places in the world were all in Australia: Still want to visit?! Hahaha!

We have an ad slogan here in Aus that started out reading “Slip, slop, slap – slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat”. It’s been developed over the years and some extra bits added, but the message remains the same – get out of the heat and cover up. Plenty of water in and you’ll be right. Yesterday I spent 2 hours outside and drank 2.5L of water in that time. I survived but it wasn’t fun – and because I was all covered up (which makes it hotter) I didn’t roast. Australia is the driest continent on earth and after this week it’s easy to see why. So be cool peeps and keep up the water!


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