Focus and Reality

I’ve read that your focus determines your reality, but I find this to be a flawed concept. There are many factors that will impact your reality, and focus is only one of them. Good planning for example, is one such factor that can greatly enhance the likelihood of focus becoming reality. Some might argue that planning is part of the focus however that has not been my experience. If you address life in a systems thinking approach then focus is a part of that system. The other factors – planning, uncontrolled variables, controlled variables and luck – can be integrated into that system. I have a great example I thought that I’d share.

I’ve recently been in the market to sell my Toyota Hilux. This is a great brand and a great product, and usually the ads to sell them are trite and talk about the feature set of the vehicle. I focused my recent selling proposal on what the vehicle can do for someone, and what they will experience owning it. So my focus was to sell it and sell it for what I think it was worth. Variables impacting this are: distance vehicle has travelled, it’s condition, and its relative worth compared with similar vehicles currently for sale. I did my homework and priced it accordingly. You’d think it would sell really fast right?


Two months later and I’d forgotten to account for those uncontrolled variables – humans. Fickle creatures they are, they didn’t buy my fine automobile! Rude. Back to the drawing board, I went and just this last weekend I fully reviewed the ad. It was a bit clinical and a bit more suited to a hardcore car person than the regular vehicle user that doesn’t care about engine size etc. So I rewrote as if I was selling it to my wife. She cares more about the features and what the car can do for her than the technical specs. My focus was still on selling it for the best price possible, but the system around that had been improved now.

And it worked. Just this weekend past I sold it and the buyer wasn’t a car person at all. But they sure liked how I had written about my adventures in the car and what I had achieved in it. Now my focus had determined the reality, and the fickleness of the world had been somewhat controlled for. While this is a fairly specific example, I hope you can see where it’s leading. It’s not enough to hope for things to happen, or use visualisations without actually doing something else to help it along. In my case, the system around selling the car was OK but had to be improved for it to work. I identified the issue and worked on it. If your goal is to become rich or something like that – what steps are you going to take to help that along? If you want to win the lottery to become rich, you still have to buy a ticket!

Good luck in your chosen endeavours and do yourself the favour of helping yourself by building good systems to support your focus.


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