In praise of Medicare

In Australia we have universal health care called Medicare. It’s been maligned and abused and yet still provides a wonderful service. I had to see the doc today and organise for a bowel cancer test. All of this was covered under Medicare and I’m not out a cent. It’s fantastic to have this service available, to be able to go to hospital and have many of the costs covered and with the expense covered by my taxes. I have private health insurance and I’ve used it exactly zero times. My wife has used it for various specialised treatments and it’s been great, but in general our medical needs have been covered neatly by Medicare.

I offer this praise to highlight how important good health care coverage is. I feel sorrow that the United States can barely get it’s act together on this and for my friends in the US of A I hope that your elected representatives can put the consumer’s needs ahead of corporations and give you a similar cover to what we enjoy. While I’m at the low end of the medical need spectrum, it’s still great to see a doctor and not have to pay, to know that people of lesser means are able to access this same service and be taken care of.

Big thumbs up to the people who support and manage Medicare. There’s always room for improvement I’m sure, but to have something is better than nothing!


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