And we’re back

I’ve had some time off from work – visiting the North Simpson Desert in Australia. I’ll produce a report for that trip soon – it was a great trip and the desert is well worth a visit (with proper precautions taken). On coming back to work there has been the usual assortment of issues to be dealt with, including starting tax time and the finance updates needed to keep things tracking.

With a big disconnect like the one I’ve just had – especially with no internet / phone or computer for 2 whole weeks, it’s great to come back and see what’s happened with all the investments I have that I can’t actively influence. Much like seeing a young niece or nephew seemingly jump up in height, several of these have exhibited similar behaviour. None more so that my Vanguard account which received it’s reinvestment – a tidy sum higher than expected, and my superannuation which jumped by 5% in the last month. Putting this into a 12 month long view and they’re actually above the average increase per month which is encouraging.

I’m still getting back into things, so stay tuned for more posts as time goes on.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels


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