The BlackWolf Tempo 40

This is my favourite bag and I know this isn’t a gear review blog – but it is my blog to talk about whatever I like. And I really like my Tempo!

For ages (a good couple of years) I was chasing a decent day pack – something that was long and would fit snugly against my back and hold a decent amount of gear. I hate backpacks that make you look like a turtle with a huge bump between your shoulders – they’re uncomfortable and I’m not a fan at all. I think I purchase and tried 7 or 8 different bags, selling them when I realised they weren’t it and feeling a bit frustrated about the whole thing. Then a Tempo came up on eBay and I purchased it. I waited without great anticipation hoping quietly it would be better than some of the other bags I’d bought and indeed it was.

The search was over. The Tempo fit well, holds a tonne of stuff and has just enough extra bits to answer any stretch goals I had for it. It’s a day pack and I think with some careful packing would be fine for an overnighter in the summer. It’s got enough loops and places to strap stuff on that I think it’d do the job for an extended 2 day hike. Summer though – no big warm sleeping bags or heavy jumpers. The great thing is, once I got my hands on this great bag I just stopped looking. Stopped cold. No more interest in other brands or bags, done. This is a fairly rare event for me so it’s worth noting – I finally found what I was looking for!

Some more images of this great bag:

This represents a rare occasion for me – actually finding something that stops the search cold. Even though I really like other bits and pieces I’ve got, I’m still looking for the right thing – the search hasn’t quite finished. It has for a backpack though!


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